Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A G-Squared First....Again!

Friends, I welcome you to the inaugural posting of the official G-Squared blog. Proving once again that G-Squared is at the forefront of fan club innovation, you will note some key moments in G2 history that have helped to define us as a club:

-G2 is born – First time in history that NYRC fans unite
-G2 tells the truth – “It’s better to have drunk fans, than no fans at all”
-G2 goes crazy with body art – G2 first to tattoo “I heart NYRC” on their bodies with Sharpie markers along with other key but censored sayings on several executive staff butts
-G2 adopts “coolie” – G2 bring the first portable bar on the field. To celebrate, they serve bloody mary cocktails WITH celery
-G2 extends beyond the field to bring you many off-field initiatives such as: the holiday party, bocce league and tri-squared
-G2 sends the first ever holiday card
-G2 hosts the very first party at a bar with free beer at a bar in the upper East side
-G2 starts the fascination with rolling v’s
-G2 attends the first family day in full outfits

…to mention a few. And the wave of innovation continues: G-Squared is now featured on the official website of the NYRC, we launched a site on Facebook and we are officially initiating the first ever G2 blog.

People, this is the wave of the future and G-Squared is proud to be part of it.

Looking forward to more….El Presidente Animal


junk said...

GO G-squared!!!

rachel said...

G-Squared never ceases to amaze me. What other group is as hot, sexy, popular, well-dressed or smart?

Hoop said...

Best. Fan Club. Ever.

I <3 G-squared!