Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For Our #1 Fan - G2 Update

It has been brought to our attention that someone has requested that we bring the G2 blog back. To our one (and only) loyal and anonymous fan, we thank you. Our next Bud Light toast is coming your way.

Since the last posting, a lot has changed with the world. Sorry folks, we needed to take a break from blogging to sit in pure and unadulterated fear of Sarah Palin taking office. Admit it, you did it too. There's no shame in not wanting that gun-carrying, bear-killing, questionably-educated hockey mom anywhere near the White House. But, I digress.

We're not making excuses here but we will take this opportunity to highlight one flagship event that took place recently to show you all, again, our one loyal fan, that we are still a rugby fan force to be reckoned with.

The first annual G2 Brooklyn Dive Pub Crawl – a beautifully executed 10-dive bar adventure ending at the usual Brooklyn hangout, Cattyshack. At any given time, this pub crawl had an audience of up to 30 thirsty folks, all eager to get "sharpied" by someone on the executive team. I mean, if that's not good, clean fun, what is?

The brisk but not cold day began with opening ceremonies at Hank's Saloon, where the sophisticated clientele sips their boxed wine from a straw and includes a homeless man that smells of urine. Our lovely bartender, who admitted to being bored senseless until we arrived (I guess our toothless friend isn't much of a conversationalist), treated G2 like royalty and was tickled pink when our very own VP, Jayne Wise, gifted her with complimentary tickets to the Sports Museum of America*.

As the day progressed and the clan made it's way through the streets of Park Slope, we got bigger and bigger. Not us, silly (although we did have bellies full of beer)! I meant our group. We hit some really classics and new favorites such as Cherry Tree, the Lighthouse and probably the finest establishment in Brooklyn, Jackie's Fifth Amendment.

At the Lighthouse bar, in a glorious and emotional ceremony, G2 inducted some new members who have supported G2 above and beyond. There were:

- Katie Wharton, Historian

- Sarah Litt, Co-Merchandise Manager

- Sarah Willis, Community Relations

- Hoop, Liaison of some sort

- Russ, Official Lesbro

Please join us in congratulating the new members.

Now, please know that, like any good day one experiences, not everything was rainbows and butterflies. It's true, our business was not welcome at a few places.

- Ginger's Bar on 5th Ave – Apparently an empty bar is a preferred means to run a business than to have 30 paying (and thirsty) customers. Ginger's response? Yeah, not so much

- Timboo's – Whatever you do, and I mean seriously, do not stand near the speaker. By no means shall you ever go near it. Ever. Ever, damn it. Really, they don't take themselves too seriously either.

But friends and supporter, let's not focus on those low points and instead sit back and admire a day well spent with friends and colleagues. To that end, here's a Bud Light toast to the first annual G Squared Brooklyn Dive Bar Crawl.


El Presidente

*Everyone who is anyone not only visits this museum multiple times (paying full price), they also tell all their friends, family, co-workers and drinking buddies. I know what you're thinking about this shameless plug. But, hey, take it easy, times are tough and we gotta get creative.


junk said...

glad to see you guys are back to bloggin' I've been waiting for this day...

- Ramona

Jessa said...

yay G-squared! We missed you!

rachel said...

Who is this number one fan?? welcome back

Russell said...

Thanks for the mentions on my induction and for plugging SmA! This should counteract the bad press that Crain's recently gave us. I am glad to see the voice of my generation (the G2 Blog) is up and running!

Animal Presidente said...

our one fan listed themselves as anonymous, so, I'm afraid the world may never know. But, does it matter? It brought back the blog.

Hoop said...

We're ba-aaack! Yay! Thanks anonymous number one fan!

And I love that Russ and I get to go by one name, like Madonna :)

Katie said...

Welcome back!!!